Can you handle my keyboard-fu? (isis_venomz) wrote in pregnantwomen,
Can you handle my keyboard-fu?

Doctor's Mistakes

Ok...I know everyone makes mistakes, including doctors.

But I'm nervous enough through this really upsets me to have to call in and follow-up after my doctor. Now, when I had my last appointment, she went into this detailed description with me of this ultrasound I'd have to get at the Prenatal Assessment Center because my pregnancy is high-risk. They can do more detailed ultrasounds there.

So, my appointment was on Thursday, and I found it kind of odd that now, on Monday morning I hadn't heard from the nurse that was supposed to call me about my appointment so I called this morning.

The nurse is saying there are no notes or anything in my file regarding this...and she has no idea what I'm talking about.

Should I be upset? Or should I just chalk it up as an error? I've liked this doctor so far...but I'm just saying...they dropped the ball waaaaay too many times last pregnancy and I don't really have the patience for that this time.
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