Can you handle my keyboard-fu? (isis_venomz) wrote in pregnantwomen,
Can you handle my keyboard-fu?

What's going on with me?

I've been posting to pregnant because sadly our little group is not so active anymore. I thought I would just post about my situation lately.

I am currently 13.5 weeks, although I will find out today if I am still pregnant. Since Sunday night I have been bleeding, ranging from dark brown old blood, to dark red, to scant pink. (I don't think it's ever really been bright red).

I haven't had any pain yet. Today I thought there was lower abdominal pressure a bit.

I have had an ultrasound where I saw the heartbeat and I heard the heartbeat with a doppler at an exam.

This morning, there is again dark red blood, and a small clot this morning as well.

What seems to happen is, the bleeding will die down throughout the day then build up at night while I'm sleeping, so when I wake up in the morning there it is.

I am going to the doctor today for an ultrasound and doctor appointment. I realize I have to be prepared for the worst, but I'm holding out hope that my bun is still in there alive and healthy.

Just asking for good thoughts from all of you.
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