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pregnantwomen's Journal

Pregnant Women
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This is a community for pregnant women over the age of 21. Why a specific community for adult moms-to-be? Because, just as teens need a place to vent about their pregnancies and the problems they have, so do mothers who are older. Although many aspects of pregnancy are the same, regardless of age, women who've waited to have kids sometimes experience trials and have concerns that teen pregnancies do not encounter. And, to be honest, sometimes adult moms need a break from teenagers- pregnant or otherwise. If you are under 21, please check out pregnant or pregnantteens

There is a new community out there for our significant others called pregnanthubbies for our spouses and other close loved ones to get some support and venting away from we the pregnant hormonal ones.

This is a support group. As such, not every opinon in here will be the same, but one opinion should not be considered to be more "valid" than another. Please respect the opinions of everyone and try to keep the flaming to a minimum. I will be keeping a close eye on this community. If you would like to contact me personally you can e-mail pregnantwomen@gmail.com.

A note about posting pictures. On topic pics are just fine, but please keep them to a smaller size, or put them behind an lj-cut. Some members of this community have slow download speeds, and having large pictures, uncut really bog them down, so lets all please be nice! Thanks.

Due to popular demand, the link for the free Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby's First Year book is http://www.sf.pii.orders.com/events/birth/ Enjoy. (and while it is through State Farm insurance company, they do not send you spam of any kind for ordering the book.)

As many people have asked for lists of all the members and their due dates, here's our solution... links to posts for each upcoming "due month." Find your month and comment to it with your name and due date and any other personal info you want to share.


These will be updated as the dates progress.

Now, let's get down to business..