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I should stipulate that im already in a cranky mood because as usual my comcast service has screwed up something I've taped on my DVR and I may have sprained my ankle. BUT.... I return to my computer to find a series of im messages from a friend of mine that really pissed me off and I'm wondering if I'm overreacting in my reaction.

Essentially he imed me to inform me that a band he really likes (that i've never heard of and probably wouldn't like anyhow) will be in minneapolis on march 30th and I should go since it will be after the baby is born. Who for the record is due on march 7th. And I found this notion of me galavanting around town attending concerts after my baby is 2.5 weeks old to be extremely ludicrious and very irritating. Are people without kids really this naive to think that you pop the baby out and go about your daily buisness like nothing ever happened? That you just hire a 17 year old babysitter to take care of your 2.5 week old while you attend some concert? Is this the kind of support and ridiculous suggestions i'm to expect from my friends or is he a lone weirdo for saying that?

After I somewhat huffed at him and explained to him that was an impossible suggestion he retaliated with the fact that his biology professor had a baby and was back teaching 2 days later. Other than finding that difficult to believe I felt like by saying that he was somehow insulting me. As if the fact that I don;t see that as something I could/would conceivably do made me weak or something.

Am I alone if feeling very irritated by this exchange?
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