Marta (marta128) wrote in pregnantwomen,

New To Community

I'm hoping people start posting more often in this community because I'm full of questions!

Let me introduce myself. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and having a baby boy due on March 7th though I'm thinking he might come early! This is my first pregnancy and it was a very unexpected one! None of my friends are remotely near the stage of pregnancy none of them are even married so I'm kind of on my own here. My parents live in Chicago (where I'm from) but my husband and I are in Minnesota so I don't really have the ability to run to my mom with every problem! So I'm hoping this community can become a support system. 

The questions I'm plagued with right now are:

Breastfeeding: I've decided that its probably about time I got all the equipment can people please recommend breast pumps they liked and those they specifically didn't. Where did you get all of your things; nursing pads, bras, shirts, pumps, whatever else I need? 

Good books regarding labor and delivery? I'm very nervous about it as its approaching so soon and I don't feel remotely prepared! I've got "What to Expect when You're Expecting" but I'm looking for something less clinical and more of a variety of personal experiences and suggestions. 

Thank you!
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