krach_schlagen (krach_schlagen) wrote in pregnantwomen,

may baby coming home this week born 30w4d

they wanted to knock me out - but INSISTED on a spinal and got it. twenty-two minutes later my son - braeden was born at 4:42 and his apgars were 9,9. he weighted 4lb 5.5oz.

he went to the other hospital where i have been visiting him - where he is completely being fed (boobie juice) on nipples all day long, never needed any oxygen and is coming home wednesday.

one thing they don't tell you about preemies is where a full term can lose up to 10% - preemies can loose 25% - and braeden went down to 3lb 7oz.

he's a bit over five pounds now - and is coming home but i never anticipated an early birth - my first son was full-term - so having his tiny baby is different but not so different. i'm looking forward to changing him on my bed - not in his little crib at the hospital.

in the one pics he has a nose tube in (warning) just because they make sure he's digesting all the food we give him!!

for now i'm not getting pregnant - anytime soon - the early delivery and braeden coming so soon - i'm grateful for having him home next week and i thought i'd be pregnant for early spring (at least) - here's my ebay list -

it includes cute spring belly basics, pea in a pod, gap, childish (mark hoppus' wive's brand), - really cute trendy stuff - but i'm not gonna need it any time soon.
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